Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Soft Star Grippy Roo Shoes, Invisible Shoe Huaraches, Vincere Grip Socks

After this post last week I decided to order these three brands of minimalist shoes and give them a try:

Vincere Grip Socks:

Invisible Shoe's Huaraches:

Soft Star Grippy Roo Shoes:

All three have arrived! I'm getting over yet another cold (having a kid in preschool is AWESOME-the variety of crud she brings home is stunning) this is the 3rd cold in 2 months. I'm sick of it! Plus hubby is out of town so I'm single parenting for a week which doesn't leave me with a lot of time or the ability to go running once they're in bed for the night. Phooey.

Today I took the Vincere Grip Socks out for a walk with the kids. It was 45 degrees, breezy and chilly but my feet weren't cold at all. My current thoughts on the socks, great ground feel--amazing ground feel actually but the sole of the sock kept slipping forward. I suspect this won't happen while running as I'm landing on my forefoot as opposed to heel/midfoot while walking. I took a few running steps and it seemed to stay in place better. It was a weird feeling though and I was constantly worried that I was walking on the Lycra (like a thin bathing suit) section of the sock as opposed to the reinforced bottom.
The side you see around the toe section isn't reinforced it's just Lycra.

The socks have a sole shaped to each foot which I liked and it helped them fit well. More on these soon.

The Invisible Shoe Huaraches--I haven't made yet. I bought the kit but it arrived just in time for Brad to go off on his trip so I haven't had time. I can't wait though! Obviously--more on those soon!

Soft Star Grippy Roos! OOOOOOooooo! I LOVE these already! I pulled them out of the box, put them on and my feet smiled :-) Yes, they were $63 but even if I never wore them for running I would wear them both around the house and around town. They fit well, the real sheep fleece insole is so soft and well...I've fallen in love. I'll be interested to see how they hold up for every day use and of course how they feel while running. Here's what their website says about the sole of the shoe:
Grippy Roos feature our T-Rex soling-- a soft black rubberized non-slip surface which maintains good non-slip properties on wood floors.  T-Rex soles also provide a clean look over time, and offer a moisture barrier for those of you who like the indoor/outdoor use of your mocs.  T-Rex is NOT a rubber sole - but instead is a soft, rubberized fabric layer that is bonded over the top of the traditional suede sole. T-Rex can possibly show wear with use - but it will not affect the functionality of the shoe as the suede is bonded underneath. T-Rex material that is also used in apparel by mountain climbers to keep their grip on tough terrain.

Again, more on these as running shoes soon!

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