Friday, July 23, 2010

Still going!

My brother, aunt, and I got up and out by 6am while we were at our week long beach trip in NC. I was thrilled to get this shot!

Well yikes, I've really fallen down on the blogging job. But as far as running? Still going! 3 times a week seems to be about the norm. Am thinking I might do shorter distances so I can run more often. Which with my kids is a good thing. Jeez. I have a whiny 3 year old boy and a I'll-steamroll-right-over-you-if-you-don't-watch-out 5 year old girl---I NEED to run about 5 times a day. My body refuses to shed more than the 18 lbs it's already lost but at least things are being rearranged: tighter butt, smaller legs, in general-muscles! YAY!

Also, my whole little family got really really sick several weeks before we left for our 6 weeks in NC. Took the kids 3 weeks to get over an on again off again fever and horrid cough. Brad? 2 full months before he fully got his voice back and stopped coughing. A friend's kid got it and ended up with walking pneumonia! I can't tell you how many times I got coughed, sneezed, and snotted on and OH MY GOD didn't catch it! I realized it early on (after Brad caught it) that I still hadn't and the only thing I could say I was doing differently was running. So, I ran more often for a few weeks and was well through it all. That has NEVER happened. If the kids catch it so do I. A miracle! My 3 year old has gotten several more little colds since then and I haven't caught any of them (and he's the worst in-your-face-sneezer of the family). I am beyond thrilled. :-)