Thursday, April 29, 2010

Run 17--Week 4, Run 2 & RunAMocs!

Tuesday night
It happens every week it seems--the middle of the week run is icky. I didn't get out for a week and a half because of being sick, Brad not being home for a week, etc.

I did try running in my Elf shoes--the Soft Star Shoes that I've been wearing for a week. They're great to walk in but I didn't love wearing them for running in. For one reason only though--the sheepskin/fur footbed. It was just weird. It made my feet start to feel numb, forefoot first. Too much texture on the bottom of my foot--I could just about feel each individual hair. The rest of it though was great, good ground feel and comfortable. More than great really. All I really wanted was a leather footbed. And so yesterday I ordered their new RunAmoc in red!

The legs gave out before my lungs did darn it. Out of the two 3 min runs and the two 5 min runs I was able to do a 3, 3, 5, and half of the last 5. We'll see how the next one goes, maybe I need to repeat this week. I'm still enjoying it though.

I am having some rice crispy sounds (no pain) in my right knee when I climb stairs since running. No pain, no sounds when running or walking. After doing some web wandering I came up with a possible reason: the quad muscle on the inside of the leg isn't developed enough. That muscle is the one that keeps the kneecap tracking correctly. So now I'm doing exercises to develop that muscle. Hope that's the issue. Maybe I'll add some glucosamine to my day too.

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  1. I can't keep track, how many shoes have you tried by now?