Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Run 15--Week 3 Run 3--"I DID IT! I DID IT!!!"

My rest paid off and I had no weird pains this time--yahoo! Anytime I have any little tweaks or pains, especially if it cuts my run short like last week, my mind goes into overdrive with, "OMG! ACK! I've got a stress fracture! I've overdone it! How can I have overdone it??? I'm barely doing anything! But obviously I have and I'll never be able to run again! And I really like this! DAAAAMMMMMIT!!!" Sounds crazy I know but if you knew me you would know that in the past I did tend to overdo it in my enthusiasm. This time I'm being so so careful though and everything is (gasp) okay.

My step-daughter called today to say she has all the symptoms of a stress fracture. She's only 26! WTH? I hope she actually does go to the doctor to find out for sure. She's already had a bout with bursitis--did I mention that she's only 26?? She was the one who got me started doing the Couch to 5k program and now she might not be able to do the 5k she signed up for darn it. I still haven't signed up for it, I'm waiting to see how this whole thing goes for me. It's June 12 in Raleigh, NC which is where I'll be, visiting my family--thought it would be cool for some of us to run it together. Honestly I have no idea if I'll be up for it. April 15th is my 2 month mark and if I were following the program to a "T" I would be a week from the end of it and running for 30 minutes straight. Instead I'm just now heading into Week 4s workout. Ah well, I may be taking me twice the time but at least I'm heading into Week 4 injury free...

My goal at the end of the final workout of each week is to run the final run as long as the longest run for next week is. So Week 3: I walk 5 min, run 90 sec, walk 90 sec, run 3 min, walk 3 min---times 2, and then walk 5 min. So today was Week 3 Run 3 and the last run was 3 minutes long but I ran for 6 min 30 sec. And now I know--I can do next week okay! My longest run next week will be 5 minutes. It just keeps me motivated for the upcoming week knowing that I have it in me.

When I started this program I remember looking at each week and thinking, "Really? Running for 90 seconds straight? Ha. Really? Running for 3 minutes straight? HA! Really??? Running for 5 MINUTES? HAHAHAHAHHA!!!"

But now look! :-) As my 2 year old likes to yell out, "I DID IT! I DID IT!!!!!"

On to my ongoing saga of my VFFs. I've come to the conclusion that my KSOs have to go back. It feels like the sole of the shoe isn't fully covering the ball of my foot on the left one and a couple of other fit issues all on the left shoe. I didn't have these issues when I tried on the Classics or the Sprints in the store which is why I was so excited. I don't  know if it's a defect or just differences in the fit of each one. I thought I would like the KSOs better since they Keep Stuff Out. After talking to Justin over at birthdayshoes.com I called REI and lo and behold they actually had a pair of Classics in my size. I'm going over tomorrow to try them out again. The classics are much more open across the top of the shoe but how much crap can get inside of my shoes anyway right? At least I hope that's right...

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  1. Hey Julia, I just discovered your blog! Great stuff! Can't wait to hear your review on the new Vincere grip socks!
    Just a thought on the VFF's - I've had mine for about 3 months now, and have been thru all the same issues you have. Finally solved them by switching to one size larger and wearing Injinji toe socks with them. All the rubbing and blistering was gone. http://www.injinji.com/tetratsok/performance.htm
    If you still have your VFF's, you may want to give that a try as an alternative...