Thursday, April 29, 2010

Run 18--Week 4, Run 3

Happiness!! I felt wonderful! I did the first half in my Soft Star Shoes (hoping for my RunAMocs by Saturday) and the last half barefoot which was why the run was so great. Anytime I take off my shoes I have a great run. The last run was 5 min and i felt like I could go forever. What could be better?

My friend Jim asked how many shoes I've tried now, he's teasing me--let's see...
1. I started off in regular old sneakers
2. Pool shoes
3. Vincere Sand Socks (I've not given them a true test run though. I'll have to wait until I'm only running and not walking as they aren't so great while walking.)
4. Invisibleshoes huaraches--still haven't made them! I have the kit, just need some time!
5. Soft Star Shoes-Grippy Roos
6. Upcoming Soft Star RunAMocs
7. And then of course my favorites: my bare feet!

I've never cared so much about shoes before lol

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  1. "I've never cared so much about shoes before"

    This coming from a girl, hilarious.

    Vibram KSO is out of my size everywhere I looked. I have them on back order from REI right now. If I do like them, then I guess the next thing is to figure out how to attach my Dirty Girl Gaiters to them.