Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm in NC for 6 weeks

We drove 3 days, stopped in Ohio to visit family for 2 days, drove another day and arrived in NC last Wednesday. I've run 3 times since then. Once without shoes--OUCH! The roads in my parent's neighborhood are horrible and my feet just aren't up to it yet. It's hilly here (flat as a pancake in my Colorado neighborhood) so I'm getting a different workout which is nice. My Dad races around the neighborhood loop on his bike while I run. It's good.

Things I've noticed this week: my butt muscles are turning into rocks...which kind of ROCKS!, there are new muscles in my feet I've never seen before-particularly around my ankles, and again I'm reminded that running barefoot (even when the footing is painful) is SO MUCH MORE FUN! I've got to find a place I can do that around here...