Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Run 13--Week 3 Run 1

Before I took off I realized that my pool shoes had a thin foam insert in them so I took that out. I'm trying to toughen up my feet for my VFFs. I went to pick them up on Tuesday and found that I can't wear them yet because the bottom of my feet aren't tough enough yet. I bought some of the Injinji toe socks but will be taking them back--just too much material between my toes--doesn't feel good at all. So I'll be barefoot in my VFFs. I've been wearing them around the house and yard and find that they rub a little right at the middle of my forefoot. Is that normal? The left foot feels worse than the right. Neither hurt--they just rub and it gets annoying after awhile. Will I be forever wearing pool shoes?!?

The run:
The first 3 min run was HARD but after that it was all happiness. So good in fact that towards the end I took off my shoes and socks and went barefoot. Right at that point the C25K iPhone app told me to "cool down" and I just didn't want to so I ran another 3 min barefoot. I can't figure this out but as much fun as minimalist shoe running is---barefoot is a thousand times better! Why is that? I felt like I could go on forever :-)

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  1. I also find that the Injinji socks to thick to wear with VFF. I have found a company called lizard footwear that make some really thin toe-socks. I don't know if they are available in the US.