Sunday, April 4, 2010

Run 12--Week 2 Run 3--Treadmill

Easy. Love coming from altitude down to sea level--I almost never gasp while running! ;-)
Ran on the treadmill at my parent's house because the pollen is horrible today. First time on a treadmill--I can imagine getting one for next winter for sure. Feel good!

Since this is week 2 run 3 and next week I'm supposed to be running 3 minutes at a time I ran my last run for 2.5 min instead of 90 sec--no problem--yay! And to top off the good news: for the first time in a month and a half (since starting) I was able to do all three workouts in one week-whooohoooo!!!!

Mom is having her knee replacement surgery tomorrow morning so we're up at 4am to get to the hospital to get her checked in--gotta get in bed. Think happy thoughts for her!

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