Friday, April 2, 2010

Run 11

I'm in NC visiting family. Went for a run tonight--Week 2 Run 2 of my C25K program and I feel great! I picked up the pace because I felt like I could--and went 2 miles no problem. I suppose it could have something to do with the fact that I live a mile up and here I'm nearly at sea level! There are also small hills around my parent's neighborhood but they weren't an issue. I recently read a little about running hills and put that info to use. I was able to talk to my Dad, who was bike riding next to me and keeping me company, through the whole 30 minutes. Even the pollen didn't get to me (knock on wood).

To sum it up--no pain, no gasping, I feel good.

I got an email yesterday from REI, my two sizes of VFFs are in! Can't wait to get home to see if one of them fits :-) The pool shoes make me feel like a goofball.

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  1. Hi Julia. I came across your blog while searching for blogs about VFFs....
    I just recently purchased my FIRST ever pair of ,I went and ran 5 kms, in my VFFs...and lemme tell you, starting out was abit difficult, then I got into a groove and just ran!!! OMG it was AMAZING....I LOVE my vffs now!!!

    Anyway....just wanted to stop by and introduce myself! LoL ciao! ~kristen~