Friday, March 16, 2012

Returning to running after a year off

Run 4 in 2 weeks, 2.46 miles, ran about half the way, walked the other half. Barefoot for...maybe a little less than half. Feel really good :-)

I first started running back in Feb 2010. I needed a serious stress release after the adoption of our second child who suffers from Reactive Attachment Disorder. I ran pretty consistently until December of that year. I learned to snowboard in December too and was so caught up I figured a way to go 2-3 times a week for the season! And while I loved it my heelside traverses really started bugging my right knee...uh oh. After snowboarding season was over in April 2011 I tried to go back to running. While the running itself didn't hurt my knee it was afterwards that the pain set in. In the summer I went to physical therapy and was told it was my quad tendon (front, just above kneecap) and the reason it was sore was the quad muscle above was too weak. The exercises they gave me where so odd that one session wasn't enough. Hmmm...guess I really should have gone back huh? The good thing that did come from it was a change in my stride. They did a video stride analysis and figured out that if I just rolled my feet out to the outer edge slightly that would realign my knees and solve the problem (along with the exercises I couldn't remember). Instead I gave my knees a rest and over nearly a year gained 15 lbs, ugh.

Oh well, I'm back to it now and all is well. Originally it took me months to where I am now. When I first started I would have to go 4-5 days between runs because my whole body would ache to the point of distraction and bitchiness. Restarting now though...after a run I'm pleasantly tired and sleep well. Weird but I'm not complaining!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Still going!

My brother, aunt, and I got up and out by 6am while we were at our week long beach trip in NC. I was thrilled to get this shot!

Well yikes, I've really fallen down on the blogging job. But as far as running? Still going! 3 times a week seems to be about the norm. Am thinking I might do shorter distances so I can run more often. Which with my kids is a good thing. Jeez. I have a whiny 3 year old boy and a I'll-steamroll-right-over-you-if-you-don't-watch-out 5 year old girl---I NEED to run about 5 times a day. My body refuses to shed more than the 18 lbs it's already lost but at least things are being rearranged: tighter butt, smaller legs, in general-muscles! YAY!

Also, my whole little family got really really sick several weeks before we left for our 6 weeks in NC. Took the kids 3 weeks to get over an on again off again fever and horrid cough. Brad? 2 full months before he fully got his voice back and stopped coughing. A friend's kid got it and ended up with walking pneumonia! I can't tell you how many times I got coughed, sneezed, and snotted on and OH MY GOD didn't catch it! I realized it early on (after Brad caught it) that I still hadn't and the only thing I could say I was doing differently was running. So, I ran more often for a few weeks and was well through it all. That has NEVER happened. If the kids catch it so do I. A miracle! My 3 year old has gotten several more little colds since then and I haven't caught any of them (and he's the worst in-your-face-sneezer of the family). I am beyond thrilled. :-)

Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm in NC for 6 weeks

We drove 3 days, stopped in Ohio to visit family for 2 days, drove another day and arrived in NC last Wednesday. I've run 3 times since then. Once without shoes--OUCH! The roads in my parent's neighborhood are horrible and my feet just aren't up to it yet. It's hilly here (flat as a pancake in my Colorado neighborhood) so I'm getting a different workout which is nice. My Dad races around the neighborhood loop on his bike while I run. It's good.

Things I've noticed this week: my butt muscles are turning into rocks...which kind of ROCKS!, there are new muscles in my feet I've never seen before-particularly around my ankles, and again I'm reminded that running barefoot (even when the footing is painful) is SO MUCH MORE FUN! I've got to find a place I can do that around here...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

40 minutes run/walk, all barefoot

This makes me feel sane. I feel so calm that I just don't have anything else to say. My mind is quiet so I'm going to go enjoy that. :-)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hike-2 miles-ish

I've done this easy hike with my friend Laura every so often for the past few years. It always makes me gasp for breath--today, no problem. Could have gone around again. Yay! That was a great feeling. I couldn't remember the footing so I wore my cheapy Target Converse tennies. (I've always worn hiking boots before.) I'm not sure about wearing my Soft Stars on that footing for fear that my feet slip around too much inside them. Something more along the lines of foot fitting pool shoes would be better for that kind of footing I think (gravelly, a little slippery, hilly). Maybe someday barefoot but my foot pads aren't up for that yet. But for now just walking it will be a new workout for my foot and leg muscles. It was fun--we brought Onya my Border Collie and her 3 adult Border Collies--always great to see the dogs running full out chasing prairie dogs and just enjoying life.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

45 minutes

Some running but probably 2/3 walking. Didn't feel up to much. I was able to talk myself out of all the 'shoulds'--why 'should' I do anything? This is just for me. I'm glad I realized it :-) The skin on my feet is still a little tender so tomorrow I'm just walking and no barefooting.

Monday, May 17, 2010

25 min walk/run

I went out for a walk with Onya thinking if I felt like running I would. Barefoot of course. My footpads are coming along nicely. Felt great and spent the whole time walk/running. Not sure if I should be doing it two days in a row but I felt fine and still feel fine. Supposed to rain tomorrow evening anyway so I'll rest then.

Forgot to mention--last night while Onya and I were out we saw a coyote! It was about the same size as Onya (about 35 lbs) but had longer legs. It was about 20 feet away. I saw it first and had Onya lie down. As soon as I did that the coyote tucked it's tail and ran by us. Onya saw it and took about 3 running steps toward it before I could get another, "LIE DOWN!" out of my mouth. She did and the coyote kept on running. It passed with about 10 feet between us--so cool. One of the great things about living here!