Saturday, March 13, 2010

Working on the tightness that a beginner feels

Oooo...I feel GOOD today! Not tight, not achy, no pain--YES! If I were "allowed" I would run out and do another run but the Couch to 5k program says nonono. It's like it was made for me ;-) I'm SO prone to overdoing it at the first sign of fitness! Sigh.


I'm taking my road bike into the basement where the trainer is and riding that instead! Hahahahaha! Take that c25k! Ok, really, I promise to not go overboard, maybe just 20-30 minutes.

On another note I think that I may feel so good because on the days I'm not running I'm walking with the kids outside, usually twice a day. We go SO slow because they are 2.5 and 5 so EVERYTHING is interesting to them, "LOOK Mommy! A LEAF!!!" But, while we're walking, I'm practicing walking midfoot which immediately takes away any weird pain that pounding on my heels always gives me. I'm working out any tightness my fore/mid foot strike run has given me during the last run. I've noticed the tightness going away faster now.

So, if you're new to this like me and you're waiting for the tightness to go away from your last barefoot run go for a walk with the kids, it's sweet and it helps you too :-)

UPDATE: Snort. As IF I could last 20-30 minutes on that bike! Ha! I've not been on it since 2007! Puh-lease. My butt bones were screaming at me after 10 minutes so (really trying to listen to my body here) I actually got off the bike. Whoa. Big step.

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