Friday, March 12, 2010

Still excited, still knocking on wood

Today was my 6th wog (walk/jog) and my 2nd wog in minimalist shoes (pool shoes with Smartwool socks). Last time (Monday) I only got 15 minutes in total. Today I was able to wog for 25 minutes! The couch to 5k program that I'm doing only has me wogging for 30 so I was pretty darn excited to be able to do it with no pain (other than normal muscle stuff) for 25 minutes. At the very end I felt a very minor dull pain in the bottom of my right heel and that's why I stopped and came home. I tried varying my pace during the jog portions and found that I actually felt less like I was slogging through mud if I sped up a little. Interesting. I must say though that my normal jog pace is so slow that, honestly, I could just walk and end up doing the same distance and same time. I'm really trying to give my 40 year old body a break though so I can keep doing this with no injuries--so far so good--knock on wood. The goal is a 5k in the Raleigh, NC area in June--that's where I'll be for a month this summer with the kids--hanging out with my family.

I got an email from REI this week saying that my VFFs should be here on the 16th--HATE waiting!

I'm thinking, if all goes well, that this summer I'll be able to run some completely barefoot. Looking forward to that. It's cold here at night though and I'm just not that hard core to be out starting barefoot running and freeze my feet.

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