Saturday, March 13, 2010

Feeties in my house

After reading this article:  I started looking at feet in my house.

Here's mine. I think that I was lucky to spend 11 years in California as a kid where I ran barefoot 90% of the time. I've also not spent a lot of time in heels in my 40 years--thank God. My feet are more sneaker shaped ;-)

Here's my oldest child, Onya's feet. Hmmm...maybe they don't have anything to do with this...

Here's my oldest human child, she's 5 and newly home from Ethiopia where, from the looks of it she didn't spend a lot of time in shoes.

This morning I looked down for the first time and noticed her feet. She must have had her weight shifted more to the balls of her feet because her toes were spread slightly and I immediately flashed to the article and this pic in my mind--an adult who hadn't ever worn shoes.

Here's my baby, he's a few months shy of 3 and has been home from Ethiopia for 2 years. We adopted him at 7 months. He spent his early months in socks, then Robeez and only just recently has he been in sneakers. I've switched them both over to Target Converse One Star which is about as flat and no support as you can get and still be able to go in stores. I wonder about Crocs? I'll have to look more closely at theirs, do they have a heel? They're so great for the summer.

It's been nice here in Colorado and for the first time this year we've taken off our shoes and run around. I enjoyed the sun on our front steps as I watched them run up and down the sidewalk barefoot. No heel strikes in these kids while barefoot! However in my daughter's recently "lost" ("I don't know where they went sweetie!") typical heeled sneakers she was heel striking up a storm. Interesting. I have my own little science experiment going on over here.

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