Saturday, March 20, 2010

Run 8--whoohoo felt great!

Total runs--8
Total runs in my little bitty pool shoes--4

I had hopes that I would run the last little bit of this run barefoot because it's been so warm here but it snowed all day yesterday and it was 37 degrees when I went running this evening so--no way. However, the run was fabulous! I didn't do any stretching beforehand and after my 5 minute warm up walk and my first 60 second run the muscle on the left side of my rear was starting to hurt. I stopped and did some quick butt stretches during the next two walk segments and it went away. Other than that it was uneventful--except for the constant grin on my face! This was my first minimalist shoe run where I could do the entire thing with no problem. I'm going to give myself one more of these before moving to the week 2 workout. I'm excited to be feeling so good.

Poor Onya the Border Collie overdid her frisbee catching in the snow today (we were out for about 2 hours in the morning with the kids sledding and then another 1.5 hours this afternoon just walking and letting the kids ride their bikes since the sun cleared up much of the snow). Onya is 7.5 and like a lot of high drive Border Collies, hard on her body. She was walking up the stairs this afternoon one step at a time, slowly. So I decided to leave her at home for my run. Her little face broke my heart :-( I gave her some Arnica and hopefully she'll be feeling better by tomorrow morning. I've got to keep a good eye on her from now on and not let her overdo it. I need to remember to carry a leash with me so I can get her to take a break when there are other people around. She sneaks her frisbee to anyone who will throw it and before I know it, instead of taking a break, she's flying after her frisbee again! She's not listening to her body! Hmmm...she's a reminder to me isn't she? I never thought about that before!

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