Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Conventional mags

This weekend I was at a bookstore paging through a running magazine for women. There was an article about typical injuries for women runners. I've had occasional knee pain while doing the walking part of my couch to 5K program but as soon as I change my strike to midfoot it goes away. I had forgotten the latter part of the previous sentence and was just reading about what exercises to do to strengthen the knee. One of them was to squeeze a ball between your knees. Sounded simple enough. I tried it yesterday. In typical fashion I did 50 of them because they were so easy. And as usual I overdid it. Sigh.
What is wrong with me???

I had planned a run for last night but my knees were sore so I scratched it. Oh well. I woke up this morning and they felt fine. My back is back to normal too after my bike ride.

At least I'm recovering fairly quickly now!

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