Monday, May 17, 2010

Whoa. Thought I was going to have to call 911

The kids are napping and I'm rearranging my office. The windows are open and I hear this gasping noise. WTH? I look outside and across the street is a semi-overweight jogger. He staggers into view, leaning so far forward that he's almost falling into each step--I'm wondering how he can stay upright. He stops in front of my house and continues gasping. Then he bends over at the waist and gasps some more, ripping his headphones from his ears in a panicked motion. He's swaying a little and I'm thinking, "OMG he's going down, where's the phone!?" Incredibly he stays on his feet, puts the headphones back in and continues staggering jogging down the street!

OMG dude, slow the hell down! Walk! Walking is good, walking is your friend! He's the epitome of, "No Pain, No Gain." A heart attack waiting to happen. Scary. I hope he's okay.

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