Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hike-2 miles-ish

I've done this easy hike with my friend Laura every so often for the past few years. It always makes me gasp for breath--today, no problem. Could have gone around again. Yay! That was a great feeling. I couldn't remember the footing so I wore my cheapy Target Converse tennies. (I've always worn hiking boots before.) I'm not sure about wearing my Soft Stars on that footing for fear that my feet slip around too much inside them. Something more along the lines of foot fitting pool shoes would be better for that kind of footing I think (gravelly, a little slippery, hilly). Maybe someday barefoot but my foot pads aren't up for that yet. But for now just walking it will be a new workout for my foot and leg muscles. It was fun--we brought Onya my Border Collie and her 3 adult Border Collies--always great to see the dogs running full out chasing prairie dogs and just enjoying life.

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