Monday, May 17, 2010

25 min walk/run

I went out for a walk with Onya thinking if I felt like running I would. Barefoot of course. My footpads are coming along nicely. Felt great and spent the whole time walk/running. Not sure if I should be doing it two days in a row but I felt fine and still feel fine. Supposed to rain tomorrow evening anyway so I'll rest then.

Forgot to mention--last night while Onya and I were out we saw a coyote! It was about the same size as Onya (about 35 lbs) but had longer legs. It was about 20 feet away. I saw it first and had Onya lie down. As soon as I did that the coyote tucked it's tail and ran by us. Onya saw it and took about 3 running steps toward it before I could get another, "LIE DOWN!" out of my mouth. She did and the coyote kept on running. It passed with about 10 feet between us--so cool. One of the great things about living here!

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